VS. Tord

Eddysword! What a legendary animated series. Now, Eddysword’s one of the popular antagonists, Tord, came into the Friday Night Funkin. VS. Tord Mod could be the favorite mod for Eddysword lovers.

Eddysword is an animated series that has aired since 2003. In this series, the main character, Eddy, getting himself into a weird situation. It is a really funny series, and I definitely suggest watching it. Tord is one of the main antagonists in the story, even though he joined the series later.

VS. Tord mod is developed by one of the popular FNF Mods developers, bbpanzu. According to the rumors, he made this mod to prove how fast he develops a mod. Also, they say bbpanzu developed Tord mod only five hours.

Tord is a Norwegian character, which is most likely where the title of his song “Norway” came from. In the Vs. Tord mod two unique sogs are awaiting you.

  • Norway
  • Tordbot

Below, you can play Tord Mod online. Yes, there is no need for a download.

How To Play VS. Tord Mod FNF

Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play fun game that grows in its community’s hands. You, as a Boyfriend, will have rap battles against characters who don’t like you because you are dating with Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin is a game played with arrow keys. [Enter] is used to make a selection in the menu, and the [Space] key is used to pause the game and replay the last episode.

To find more about FNF Mods, or to play other FNF Mods, stay tuned to fnfmods.net

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