Golden Throne

In the Golden Throne category, you’ll find the most downloaded and liked Friday Night Funkin Mods. Mods in this category have managed to reach over 1M download.

  • fnf divorce mod 1

    FNF Divorce Mod

    FNF Divorce Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod where Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest are about the divorce. Friday…

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  • vs. 8-bitryan

    VS. 8-BitRyan

    8-BitRyan, a 27-year-old popular YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, is now in the Friday Night Funkin with his own…

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  • vs. abigail 1

    VS. Abigail

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Abigail Mod includes a space-traveling punk girl, who comes from Otherworldly. In the story of FNF vs.…

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  • vs. filip mod Week 2 1

    VS. Filip Mod Week 2 Update

    Friday Night Funkin Vs. Filip Mod Week 2 Update is now available on You can now play the only…

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  • vs. Freddy 1

    VS. Freddy Fazbear

    Developed by Pouria_SFMs, VS. Freddy Fazbear is one of my favorite Friday Night Funkin Mod ever with its main antagonist…

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  • vs. sonic.exe 1

    VS. Sonic.exe

    VS. Sonic.exe is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that features popular characters from SEGA games Sonic CD. Vs. Sonic.Exe is a…

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  • vs. pompom 1

    VS. Pompom

    VS. Pompom Mod FNF features a really sweet and cute young girl, Pomona that lives near the forest. In this…

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  • vs. cyrix 1

    VS. Cyrix

    Cyrix is a musician machine that comes with his own Friday Night Funkin Mod called VS. Cyrix. Cyrix is the…

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  • vs. omega 1

    VS. Omega

    VS. Omega is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that was developed by CeramicSkinStudios and Echolocated. The full name of this mod is Times…

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  • friday-night-shootin-1

    Friday Night Shootin

    Friday Night Shootin Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that replaces the whole FNF story based on Pico, who…

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