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Have you ever played Among Us? If your answer is yes, here is an FNF Mods that you are looking for, VS. Imposter. This mod is also known as Among Us Mod FNF and includes three fun songs, Imposter, and BF and GF killed with a knife.

The imposter is one of the playable antagonists in the Among Us. If you ever played Among Us, you can guess what will happen. After the first song, Imposter kills the GF, and his next target is the BF. After the second song, Imposter kills the BF, and now he has to face BF’s spirit.

In VS. Imposter mod, there is a fun-to-listen menu song, and three new in-game songs are awaiting you. You can listen to all the songs used in this mod on VS. Imposter Songs article.

Below, you can play VS. Imposter Mod FNF online. There is no need to download the FNF Mods you want to play. You can find all the FNF mods on fnfmods.net.

Note that this mod will be downloaded on your RAM. So, as soon as you close the page, it will be deleted on your PC. Also, the loading time of the following FNF mod may vary depending on your internet speed. If the download is stuck, please refresh the page.

How To Play VS. Imposter Mod FNF

Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play fun game that grows in its community’s hands. You, as a Boyfriend, will have rap battles against characters who don’t like you because you are dating with Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin is a game played with arrow keys. [Enter] is used to make a selection in the menu, and the [Space] key is used to pause the game and replay the last episode.

To find more about FNF Mods, or to play other FNF Mods, stay tuned to fnfmods.net

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