In the Well-Known Mods category, you’ll find mods with well-known characters. Mods in this category have managed to reach over 250K download.

  • vs. tails.exe

    VS. Tails.exe

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Tails.exe Mod brings another creepypasta character to the FNF Universe and it is Tails.exe. If you’ve…

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  • vs. qt mod 1

    VS. QT

    Friday Night Funkin vs. QT Mod is one of the underrated Friday Night Funkin Mods, we believe. FNF QT Mod…

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  • Whitty VS. Boyfriend Fire 1

    Whitty VS. Boyfriend Fire

    Friday Night Funkin Whitty vs. Boyfriend Fire Fight Mod is a new version of the FNF vs. Whitty Mod. It…

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  • vs. loki 2.0 1

    VS. Loki 2.0

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Loki 2.0 Mod is the second version of the FNF Loki Mod and it comes with…

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  • all i want for christmas is fnf mod 1

    All I Want For Christmas is FNF

    Here is another Christmas-themed Friday Night Funkin Mod named All I Want For Christmas is FNF. You can now have…

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  • vs. gumball 1

    VS. Gumball

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Gumball Mod is an FNF Mod inspired by the famous Cartoon Network show, The Amazing World…

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  • fnf-entity-mod-1

    FNF Entity Mod

    FNF Entity Mod, or Entity Origins Breakout, is a Friday Night Funkin Mod developed by BrightFyre and Tenshubushi and is…

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  • VS. Starving Artist 2 1

    VS. Starving Artist 2

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Starving Artist 2 Mod adds a new FNF Week and songs to the famous FNF Starving…

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  • VS. Flippy Mod 1

    VS. Flippy Mod

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Flippy Mod comes with a famous character named Flippy from the American animated web series, Happy…

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  • fnf vs. squid game 1

    VS. Squid Game

    In the Friday Night Funkin vs. Squid Game Mod, the Boyfriend is joining the Squid Game to pay his debt.…

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