In the Well-Known Mods category, you’ll find mods with well-known characters. Mods in this category have managed to reach over 250K download.

  • fnf vs. mr. bean 1

    VS. Mr. Bean

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Mr. Bean Mod starring the famous British sitcom character Mr. Bean to the Friday Night Funkin…

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  • fnf vs. girlfriend mod 1

    VS. Girlfriend

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Girlfriend Mod developed by AjTheFunky. Girlfriend will teach you how to win a rap battle in…

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  • fnf logic mod 1

    VS. Logic Mod

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Logic Mod is one of the great moded FNF Mods that replace the whole story with their…

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  • indie vtuber showdown mod fnf 1

    VS. Indie VTuber Showdown

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Indie VTuber Showdown Mod replaces the Boyfriend from the original story of the FNF over Crystal,…

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  • vs. dusttale 1

    VS. DustTale Mod

    Friday Night Funkin VS. DustTale Mod includes some UnderTale Universe characters and comes with animated cutscenes, three antagonists, and eight…

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  • vs. big brother mod fnf 1

    VS. Big Brother

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Big Brother comes with a character, who is the big brother of the Boyfriend, and his…

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  • vs. suicide mouse fnf 1

    VS. Suicide Mouse

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Suicide Mouse Mod features a popular rodent Mickey Mouse from Disney. But, hey! This rodent seems…

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  • gacha mod fnf 1

    The Gacha

    FNF Gacha Mod is another Friday Night Funkin Mod developed by popular Mod creator bbpanzu. The default Gacha Club female character Gacha Girl’s…

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  • vs. kris 1

    VS. Kris

    Boyfriend had a rap battle against a guy with a gun called Pico. Now he has to have a rap…

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  • vs. retrospecter mod fnf 1

    VS. RetroSpecter

    Friday Night Funkin VS. RetroSpecter is an FNF Mod that brings each seven deadly sins characters as antagonists to have…

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