In the Lesser-Known category, you will find the Mods that are known less than FNF Mods in other categories.

  • VS. Madotsuki 1

    VS. Madotsuki

    FNF vs. Madotsuki is a Friday Night Funkin’ Mod in which Boyfriend fights his way through the surreal and terrifying…

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  • VS. John Doe 1

    VS. John Doe

    FNF vs. John Doe is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that hasn’t been seen since 2017, during which the protagonist,…

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  • vs. meri 1

    VS. Meri

    FNF vs. Meri is a funny Friday Night Funkin Mod that includes one of the fangirls of Ron. After they…

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  • FNF Elements Of Insanity 1

    Elements Of Insanity

    FNF’ Elements Of Insanity is a Friday Night Funkin Mod in which Boyfriend turns into a blue pony and has…

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  • VS. Peppa Pig 1

    VS. Peppa Pig

    Another popular TV show character is in Friday Night Funkin. In FNF vs. Peppa Pig Mod, Boyfriend will have a…

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  • VS. Eminem Bowel Brawl 1

    VS. Eminem Bowel Brawl

    FNF VS. Eminem Bowel Brawl is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that brings the Rap God of Real-Life, Eminem, and…

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  • fnf VS. Richard 1

    VS. Richard

    FNF vs. Richard is a birthday-themed Friday Night Funkin Mod where the Boyfriend and Girlfriend are invited to a birthday…

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  • VS. Immortal Sonic.exe

    VS. Immortal Sonic.exe

    FNF vs. Immortal Sonic.exe is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that is based on another popular FNF Mod titled “FNF…

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  • VS. FNAF 1 1

    VS. FNAF 1

    FNF vs. FNAF 1 is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that brings four major characters, including Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and…

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  • VS. Circus Baby 1

    VS. Circus Baby

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Circus Baby Mod brings an animatronic baby called “Circus Baby” from the latest popular horror game,…

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