You can find the upcoming FNF Mods in the under-development category.

  • FNAF FNF Mod 1

    FNAF FNF Mod

    FNAF FNF Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that brings Five Night At Freddy‘s characters to the FNF Universe.…

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  • fnf vs. dd dog 1

    VS. DD Dog

    Friday Night Funkin vs. DD Dog Mod is a great FNF Mod that comes with a single Week and three…

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  • fnf vs. aubrey chirstmas mod 1

    VS. Aubrey Christmas

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Aubrey Christmas Mod is one of the great FNF Mods that you can play on Christmas.…

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  • fnf corruption takeover mod 1

    Corruption Takeover

    Friday Night Funkin Corruption Takeover Mod is an early access demo, and this means it is still under the development phase.…

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  • fnf vs. undertale mod 1

    VS. Undertale Mod

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Undertale Mod brings some of the Undertale characters together in this FNF Mod. Developed by BoxOfRocks…

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  • vs. Powerpuff Girls 1

    VS. Powerpuff Girls

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Powerpuff Girls Mod brings another Cartoon Network-owned series to the FNF Universe. After FNF Gumball Mod,…

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  • fnf vs. pac man 1

    VS. Pac-Man

    As the name suggests, Friday Night Funkin vs. Pac-Man Mod comes with a famous video game character Pac-Man developed by…

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  • fnf-vs.-beepie-mod-1

    VS. Beepie

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Beepie Mod brings a fan-made character called Beepie and her two songs. Developed by Valengarfy, FNF Beepie Mod is in development and…

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  • fnf sonic.exe round 2 mod 1

    FNF Sonic.exe Round 2

    FNF Sonic.exe Round 2 is announced. The Second Week of one of the most immersive Friday Night Funkin Mods, FNF Sonic.exe, is…

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  • fnf vs. baldis basics mod 1

    VS. Baldi’s Basics

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Baldi’s Basics Mod brings one of the most popular indie games Baldi’s Basics‘ angry character, Baldi,…

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