VS. Pig

Did you ever play Angry Birds? If you ever played Angry Birds, it is easy to recognize bad piggies for you. Ross is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series, and now he is in the Friday Nigth Funkin.

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Pig Mod is the first mod of its developers, but it run well. Vs. Pig mod comes with a complete week includes;

  • Three songs that called Cake Race, Courtroom, and Bad Piggies.
  • Custom dialogue in a short cutscene
  • A green pig
  • And two confusing characters who don’t understand each other.

While the Girlfriend and Boyfriend are hanging around, they encounter a pig rolling through the bushes. This pig is Ross, and he wants to have a rap battle with Boyfriend. Also, if you look carefully, you can see the Angry Birds are flying above you.

How To Play VS. Pig Mod

We all know what Friday Night Funkin is, right? It is a really fun game that grows in its community’s hands. You, as a Boyfriend, will have rhythm battles against characters who don’t like you because you are dating with Girlfriend. In the original FNF, you have to face your Girlfriend’s dad, mom, and friends to prove yourself.

Friday Night Funkin is a game played with arrow keys. [Enter] is used to make a selection in the menu, and the [Space] key is used to pause the game and replay the last episode.

To find more about FNF Mods, or to play other FNF Mods, stay tuned to fnfmods.net

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