VS. Kapi

With four fresh new songs in its own week and one extra song in the Mr. Game & Watch week, Friday Night Funkin VS. Kapi, a mod where arcade shops still exist, is the 15th most downloaded FNF Mod.

Kapi is an anthropomorphic grey-furred cat who thinks GF is above BF’s league and tries to impress her with his songs. You will try to show who the boss is as a Boyfriend. Kapi dances and sings on Dance Dance Revolution, which is the most favorite feature for most of us.

Kapi Mod FNF Songs

VS. Kapi Mod includes four brand new and difficult to play songs as follows:

  1. Wocky, 
  2. Beathoven, 
  3. Hairball
  4. Nyaw.

Kapi mod also includes another week, featuring Mr. Game & Watch, which contains a song named Flatzone.

Play VS. Kapi Mod Online

How to play VS. Kapi Mod

Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play fun game that grows in its community’s hands. You, as a Boyfriend, will have rap battles against characters who don’t like you because you are dating with Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin is a game played with [Arrow] keys.
[Enter] is used to make a selection in the menu,
[Space] key is used to pause the game and replay the last episode.

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