VS. K.K. Slider

VS. K.K. Slider Mod FNF brings you the popular Animal Crossing series character K.K. Slider, also commonly known as DJ K.K. In this mod, three brand new songs await you in a complete week.

The story of this mod begins with showing up The Girlfriend with the K.K. Slider concert ticket. The Girlfriend invites The Boyfriend to the concert, and they fly to the island where the concert is held. During the concert, K.K. wants to invite someone to the stage and chooses one of the front rows. Yes, K.K. picks The Boyfriend among crowded. Here’s a chance for The Boyfriend to prove their skills to the crowd.

VS. K.K. Slider Mod has three fun songs as follows:

  • K.K. Cruisin’
  • Bubblegum K.K.
  • K.K. Metal

Play VS. K.K. Slider Mod FNF Online

How to play VS. K.K. Slider Mod?

Friday Night Funkin is a free-to-play fun game that grows in its community’s hands. You, as a Boyfriend, will have rap battles against characters who don’t like you because you are dating with Girlfriend.

Friday Night Funkin is a game played with [Arrow] keys.
[Enter] is used to make a selection in the menu,
[Space] key is used to pause the game and replay the last episode.

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