How To Make A FNF Mod?

Friday Night Funkin is pretty fun to play. Playing Friday Night Funkin Mods adds a new dimension to this fun. But what if you could make the FNF Mods you want yourself? Here is the answer to the question of “How to make a FNF Mod?”

When Friday Night Funkin was first released on itch.IO, a lot of people knew it was going to be a very special game. Although it was fun to play the original version of the game, new stories and new characters had to be added after a while. The makers of the game, Ninjamuffin, and his team did not hesitate to share the codes of the game. This led to the development of new characters and new FNF Mods to the game. So that the game could maintain its popularity continuously.

So what should those who want to develop their own mod to the game do?

First, let’s take a look at the programs you need to develop mods for Friday Night Funkin.

  1. Friday Night Funkin itself, obviously. You can download the original game from itch.IO.
  2. An image editing program that allows you to export transparent PNG files like Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Due to Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game, you need an audio editing program like audacity.

Section 1: Image Editing


In this section, you need an image editor like Adobe Photoshop or Animate CC. After you installed the editing program, you have to load the image you will edit. You can change every move of your character in this section. Once you complete the editing process, you can save the files.

You can find the characters by following the way below:

Friday Night Funkin>assets>images

Section 2: Song Editing

audacity screenshot

After you installed an audio editing program like “audacity” on your computer, you can now import an instrumental track and a voice track in it. Once you load the tracks to the audio editing program, you can line them up. Whenever your song is ready, you can export it in OGG format. You can export your track directly to the music folder of the game.

Section 3: Chart Creation


To create a custom chart, you need to open the section that the song you create and press the 7. This will open the debug menu. Here you can also edit the JSON files. There are also a bunch of settings here that you can set.

Don’t forget the test your FNF Mod before publishing. If you have created FNF Mods by using this guideline, let us know in the comment section. And we will publish the FNF Mod that you developed on our website.


  1. I waant to a fnf mod i’m the biggest fan of fnf ever (i loove it so much that i stay up all night playing mods) and since i the biggest fan i can do expurgation no misses.

    1. Wassup FNF Modders? I couldn’t make my own description so I chose a random place. Here’s how you can beat any kind of FNF Mod on Hard Mode (except for one’s where you click on the wrong arrow and you die). First, you put your two fingers from your right hand on the up and left key. Second, you put your two other fingers from your left hand on the A and S key. So then, if you can’t beat a mod, just press both 4 keys at the same time and will beat pretty much any mod (except for one’s where you click on the wrong arrow and you die). Have fun and Funk On!

  2. I wanna make a fnf mod waaaaa! Just kidding I will do it when i am 30 years old I am now 10 years old. I cant wait!!

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