Replace Characters and Skins

Mods in Replace Characters and Skins category edited existing characters and songs instead of adding new characters and new songs, unlike other mods.

  • jojo fnf mod

    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

    Friday Night Funkin Vento Aureo Mod, mostly known as Jojo FNF Mod, brings characters from the famous manga series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. It’s…

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  • vs. eddysworld

    VS. Eddysworld

    Friday Night Funkin vs. Eddysworld is a reskin FNF Mod that replaces the entire Garcello Mod FNF. Developed by enraged_artist_,…

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  • fnf gender swap mod 1

    FNF Gender Swap Mod

    FNF Gender Swap Mod is one of the awesome Friday Night Funkin Mods that replace characters and skin with the…

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  • saturday night swappin 1

    Saturday Night Swappin

    Saturday Night Swappin is a role swapping Friday Night Funkin Mod that was developed by Roaming_Pikachu. Saturday Night Swappin comes…

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  • vs. kiryu kazuma 1

    VS. Kiryu Kazuma

    VS. Kiryu Mod FNF brings the main protagonist of Sega’s action-adventure beat ’em up Japanese role-playing game series Yakuza, Kazuma…

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  • friday night funkin cg5 edition 1

    CG5 Edition

    Friday Night Funkin CG5 Edition brings three brand new songs with two new characters to the Friday Night Funkin. Boyfriend…

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  • deep-sea-date-1

    Deep-Sea Date

    Deep-Sea Date Mod FNF brings characters from the lost city of Atlantis. The Boyfriend and the Girlfriend are going to…

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  • friday night bloxxin bacon 1

    Friday Night Bloxxin

    Do you like Roblox games? If your answer is yes, Friday Night Bloxxin could be your favorite Friday Night Funkin…

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  • friday night funkin soft (1)

    Friday Night Funkin Soft

    Friday Night Funkin Soft is a reskin mod that offers you a different look at the original story of the…

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  • shaggy-x-matt-1

    Shaggy x Matt

    Shaggy x Matt Mod FNF brings the hardest boss and the most powerful entity together in a Friday Night Funkin…

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